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Frédéric Dopagne on Sanctions adopted by International Organizations

Frédéric Dopagne has contributed a chapter to the recently published book “International Organizations and the Idea of Autonomy”. The chapter is devoted to the issue of sanctions and countermeasures taken by international organizations against Member States or third States (suspension of rights and privileges or financial assistance, economic measures, etc.). A study of these mechanisms sheds new light on the relationship between the organization and its members as well as on the articulation between the legal system of the organization and general international law. It helps gain a better understanding of the concept of autonomy in the theory of international organizations.

Dopagne Fr., “Sanctions and Countermeasures by International Organizations. Diverging Lessons for the Idea of Autonomy”, in Collins R. and White N. D. (eds), “International Organizations and the Idea of Autonomy. Institutional Independence in the International Legal Order”, London and New York, Routledge, 2011, pp. 178-195.