Corporate Litigation

We advise and represent our clients in disputes in national or international arbitration proceedings (for example CEPANI, ICC or UNCITRAL proceedings) as well as in proceedings before the Kyrgyz courts and in extra-judicial proceedings.

Disputes arising out of M&A Transactions

M&A transactions often bring with them an unwelcome legacy: controversial investigations, subsequent adjustment of purchase price, claims under guarantees or warranties or even a claim for complete rescission.

Disputes between Companies and Shareholders

An increasing number of disputes between companies and shareholders are arising during mergers and takeovers. These are taking the form of legal challenges and applications for declaration of nullity, applications for specific review, claims against group companies or by insolvent companies against shareholders.

Disputes between Shareholders

Disputes between shareholders can often threaten the existence of a company. The causes of such disputes can lie in differences of opinion on company strategy or lack of interest of a shareholder in the management of the company. In such cases, we can advise on planning and appropriate corporate law measures as well as the development of successful defence strategies.

Liability of Board Members and Auditors

When companies do end up in crisis, the question always arises as to whether or not management, board or the auditors are in any way liable. We examine claims and develop strategies for bringing or defending claims. We can also advise on employment-related issues associated with the liability of those governing the company.