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International and Independent

Lorenz is an international yet independent law firm with a well-established network of foreign lawyers and law firms ready to assist clients in international transactions, compliance programmes and disputes, setting up companies or commercial activities abroad.

Our multi-national and multi-lingual team is our first resource in advising on international legal projects.

What makes Lorenz special is that while remaining independent, it has established strategic relationships with some of the finest law firms in the world. Over the years, Lorenz lawyers have developed a global network of service-oriented top quality law firms that are familiar with international business transactions (be it, depending on the type of project, top-tier, value-for money or boutique firms). This results in a seamless, uniform and fine-tuned service for international legal projects (e.g., cross-border transactions, international litigation or arbitration or multi-jurisdictional compliance programmes) and the best quality of advice and service in each jurisdiction and in each area of law. Working with the best firms on the market for each specific assignment allows us to deliver uncompromised quality and value for money.

This allows Lorenz to service its clients worldwide when needed and at the same time provide assistance to its clients at a personal level. The vast experience of Lorenz lawyers in coordinating international teams in an independent and personalised manner is what makes Lorenz different and uniquely efficient.