Company Formation and Corporate Law Advice

We advise Kyrgyz and foreign companies in relation to the formation of Kyrgyz subsidiaries.

However, at Lorenz, we go one step further and also help turn ideas into businesses. Forming a new business requires more than selecting the proper entity and filing paperwork with the Companies’ Register. We help clients create effective business models, draft employment or management agreements, design appropriate reward mechanisms (e.g., employee participation schemes), and structure decision-making processes. We also help our clients clarifying and document important expectations among parties to create productive business relationships and minimize the likelihood of future disputes.

We can help you to select the business entity that meets your needs and goals, whether that is a limited liability company, a closely held corporation, a partnership, joint venture or sole proprietorship and prepare all legal documentation and fulfil all formalities to set up such business entity, such as

  • the preparation of by-laws;
  • the preparation of proxies;
  • the contacts with the notary public and auditors;
  • the filing of documents with the relevant Justice authorities; and

In addition, we help companies, and their directors and managers to comply with their statutory obligations under Kyrgyz law by providing them with technical and practical advice and assistance in relation to their responsibilities and duties.

We advise on general corporate issues as well as more complicated aspects of shareholdings in large companies. We assist clients in the preparatory work and conduct of general shareholders’ meetings and defend them in relation to legal challenges and actions for declaration of nullity.