Privacy & Data Protection

Companies rely heavily on electronic databases and centralized IT systems for the storage, handling and transfer of personal data of their employees, customers and other business relations. Due to the evolution of new technologies, more information, including personal data, is collected than ever. Personal data constitute a valuable corporate resource and are increasingly shared and transferred internationally as the economy has become global. Compliance with data protection law constitutes good business practice and can bring with it many benefits.

Lorenz lawyers provide various forms of privacy advice and counseling across a range of subject matters and industries. However, as Kyrgyz legislation on data protection needs modifications related to adaptation of relative standards, compliance systems, security measures in the events of personal data processing, storage and protection and guidelines for data holders, adaptation of national data protection authority, its competence and approach to data transfer, our lawyers provide legal advice merely based on the extent regulated by data protection law.

Legal analysis of data protection in the Kyrgyz Republic can be downloaded here.