Commercial Litigation

As a matter of fact, conflicts are inherent to all commercial relationships. From the smallest day-to-day business decision to the largest international transaction, modern business life entails the risk of disputes arising between contracting parties. Where minor problems can escalate and damage corporate identity, major conflicts can threaten the very existence of a company. Due to their “hands-on” experience, Lorenz litigation lawyers are skilled in correctly assessing the merits of every case, timeline and cost of a court procedure or arbitration case, before developing the litigation strategy in accordance with the commercial needs and goals of the client.

Over the years, our team advised and defended small as well as mid-sized and large (multi-)national companies in disputes, relating to shareholders’ and partnership agreements; agency, distribution and franchising agreements, unfair trade practices, etc.

Lorenz represents clients in court cases involving a large variety of trade practices under the Belgian Trade Practices Act, including distance selling, joint offers, sales at a loss, misleading, disparaging or comparative advertising, refusals to sell, luring away of personell, luring away of clientele, third parties inducement of contractual breach and slavish copying.