is an international yet independent law firm in the Kyrgyz Republic with a well-established network of foreign law firm-partners. While Lorenz is privileged to be involved in high profile international projects, the focus of its practice is to offer practical day-to-day solutions to address legal needs in an efficient manner.

Practice Areas

We represent clients in matters across core areas of business law. Our experience continues to grow with the needs of our clients. Continuing legal education ensures that our lawyers are constantly adapting to our clients’ new challenges.


Firm Focus

Alike our clients, we are used to dealing with complex business scenarios. Understanding the factual complexities of a given business is regularly an indispensable prerequisite for providing sound, practical and well balanced legal advice. Occasionally, understanding the functioning of a given industry can account for the better part of outside counsel’s work. In our service lines we have bundled our pre-existing specialist knowledge in certain industries and our particular legal expertise in these industries – for a swift, efficient and cost-effective client service.


Our Award-Winning Approach

Lorenz has received several legal awards in different categories for practice excellence, underscoring the work and dedication of Lorenz lawyers to assist its clients. Through the years, Lorenz has obtained several legal awards.